Charissa is a powerful healer. Her presence coupled with her love-filled, generous heart creates magic for those who are blessed by it. My life transformed. I manifested a new job, prosperity flowed in, my light shined, I was happy again. Like a love doctor, she wrote a prescription with her crystals, sent me instructions, and it led me to claim my true power again.
— s.v.
I feel more connected and confident than I have in a long time.
— e. j.
You did the session at around 11am, and my headache was gone by roughly 4pm!
— j. m.
Thank you so much! This is all wonderful!
— c.f.
Charissa and I have worked together consistently, and as her intuitive mentor and now colleague, I will say that her fresh and modern approach in using divine healing techniques is the perfect recipe for personal transformation. Charissa uses and intuits the energy that needs to be addressed, shifted, released or activated according to your specific needs. Spinning her healing web around you, you feel comforted, understood, present, and empowered by her ability to open you up to receiving your highest good.
— d.t.
I had been experiencing a trauma response, I had lost connection to my truth, and I was stuck in the consciousness of lack. The minute I felt the crystals, tears started flowing. I felt my divinity again! I felt love! Oh my god!
— s.v.
This is incredible. I’ll be digesting the benefits from this for a few days.
— d.p.