Should I book my session distance or in-person?


Because vibrational therapy can be done remotely, from a distance, you do not need to be in person to have a session. The session will have the same effect whether or not you are in person, because the intention is the same!

If you happen to be local/able to travel to northeast Phoenix (or another city if I am traveling) I am happy to see you in person! 

If you book a distance session, nothing is needed from you after booking. I'll conduct your session at the time you select when scheduling. You don't have to alter your usual schedule, and there's no phone call or skype call needed. All you need to do is be open to receiving. You can nap, sleep, or conduct business as usual if you like during a distance session.


My whole body feels better. I had never tried energy therapy before for physical issues, and I’m so glad I did. My bladder pain is gone, I am so much more relaxed, and I feel incredible. I’ll definitely be back.
— e.b.