What is reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing modality, originating in Japan in the early 1900s. A healing modality (meaning a method of healing) that is easily accessible, Reiki can be beneficial for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, background, income, religion, or other distinguishing factors. 

Reiki can be practiced in person, or remotely. In person, the session is held in a room similar to a massage room, on a massage table. One major difference is that clothes (of both the practitioner and the client) stay on at all times. Reiki doesn't need clothes to be removed to be effective. For a remote session, a photo is necessary for my sessions, so that I can connect with either the person or the area/house receiving Reiki. The Reiki is sent from me, here in Phoenix (or where my physical body is if I'm traveling) and will reach you/your space in the same way as if you were with me in person. It's amazing.

(Yes, you can clear the energy of a house, office, or space using Reiki, just like you would smudging with sage!) 

learning reiki / Reiki Training

I do offer Reiki Trainings in small groups in my home in the northeast Phoenix area. Generally, there are four levels of training, each allowing you more use of your Reiki, with ample training and practice.

Reiki I allows you the foundational knowledge of what Reiki is, how to use it, and how to clear yourself, your space/home, and physical surroundings/objects! (Reiki clearing your wallet is a fantastic idea!) You will receive an attunement (the passing of Reiki energy from me to you, like an induction) and a Reiki I certificate. 

Reiki II gives you the instruction and skills necessary to expand your practice for interaction with others. Reiki II allows you to facilitate sessions on others, in a clinical setting, in person. You will receive a second attunement (the passing of Reiki energy from me to you, like an induction) and a Reiki II certificate. 

Reiki III teaches you the skills necessary to facilitate sessions distantly, or what we call "remote". You will receive a third attunement here. You will receive a third attunement (the passing of Reiki energy from me to you, like an induction) and a Reiki III certificate. 

Reiki Master - the fourth and final level of training offered, available only to those who have completed Reiki II and III with me. Reiki Master training is not a small or light decision, and must be entered into with great respect and care. If you've taken Reiki II and III with me, and are wanting to pursue your Master, get in touch and we'll talk! You receive a Master Certificate after completing the requirements. Master certification typically takes 6-12 months to complete, including training and a completed practicum.