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Readings are a way to gain insight into your situation, energy, and the currents at play. Everything is energy - everything. And when we can get a clear picture of what we're dealing with, who's involved, and where our hiccups/blocks are, we can take inspired action to clear up what we experience. 

Many people have requested readings to get insight into their career, family life, business building, health, romance, children, decisions and choices, spiritual development, and more. 

My readings are done without tools such as cards, scrying balls, and pendulums. I receive the information clairvoyantly (like a movie playing in my head). There's a chance that my crystals will chime in (I hear them like I hear people talking to me), and if so, I'll include a photo of them for you in your email! 

How to sign up for a reading:

1. Pick your reading from the options below. 
2. Answer the questions in the form (tell me about why you want a reading)!
3. I'll complete your reading within 48 hours and email you what I receive, including a photo of any crystals that chimed in with insight, if applicable.

Please make sure your email is correct when you check out! 


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Intuitive Readings
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Intuitive readings are done via email. After checkout, you'll fill out a form telling me the questions you have, or the areas of life you'd like to focus on. All readings are completed in 72 hours and will be emailed back to you at the email address provided at checkout. 

In the event that crystals are used during your reading, I'll include a photograph for you along with the email! 

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 These are orange calcite pieces! Aren't they just beautiful?

These are orange calcite pieces! Aren't they just beautiful?

My whole body feels better. I had never tried energy therapy before for physical issues, and I’m so glad I did. My bladder pain is gone, I am so much more relaxed, and I feel incredible. I’ll definitely be back.
— e.b.