Meditation 101 Class | Instant Download

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Meditation 101 Class | Instant Download


Tired of being tired all the time? 
Want your life to be more relaxed? Who doesn't?
Want some peace in your day?
Uncomfortable with change? Hate it even?

Connect with your intuition. Be happier. Have more energy. How? 


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Want to learn to meditate without all the "om"s and the folded legs and the "empty mind"? (What even IS that?!) 

We believe everyone can meditate. Really. Everyone.

If you:
- are tired all the freakin' time
- want to be more relaxed
- want to accept change... even be okay with it
- tried meditation before and hated it
- need more peace in your life
- want a better sex life (hotter, longer and MORE of it!)
- need better relationships with everyone around you
- want to be more productive in your workplace and home life
- want to learn how to ask yourself for the guidance you need (read: stop paying for therapy. you already HAVE the answers.) 

Want to "reboot" your life and your perspective?

You are in the right place.

Meditation 101 is a 14 lesson, self paced, PDF e-course designed to help you learn to meditate on your own terms. No crossed legs, no empty minds... instead we're going to imagine really cool settings, eat yummy food, and laugh a lot. Really.

We'll even give you tips for using crystals to help get deeper, hear more clearly, and settle in faster.

During this course, we will
- learn how to meditate in any setting. grocery shopping. daycare. your desk at work. in bed with your special someone. Rawr, baby.
- eat yummy food. not what you are told to eat, what you actually want to eat. 
- imagine some really cool places, scenarios, and people
- laugh. a lot. (it's an entire lesson!)
- learn why saying "om" and "emptying your mind" isn't the meditation for everyone. In fact, emptying your mind is kinda impossible. (No wonder it wasn't working for you, right?!)
- give you TOOLS to use TODAY to strengthen your relationships
- be happier. it's a side effect. for real, yo.

Check out what some past students have said:

 "Can I just say that I am falling deeply in love with this? The concept, the vision, the process... THANK YOU. As I started to show interest in creating a daily meditation practice I was so overwhelmed by what I had heard and what I had seen others do.  I was failing before I even got going.  You created a course that broke it down, squashed all the myths about meditation and helped me design a daily practice that was not only powerful BUT that was realistic to ME and my season of life. -Ashley"

"This class changed my life." - Courtney

Here's the lesson layout: 

1. Why You Don't Need to Say OM (and other crap you've been told about meditating)
2. Meditative Space (and I'm not talking about cushions, mats, candles and feathers)
3. Don't Vote On It - The Practice of Being with What Is
4. Amusement Isn't Just for Parks: Make Yourself Laugh & Have a Breakthrough
5. "Gratitudefullness" - How to Stop Losing Direction in Life by Using Gratitude
6. The Hand Scan - How to Use Your Energy to Heal
7. Doorway Meditations - Setting Intention for Every New Room
8. Visualization: Seeing Your Shadow
9. Visualization: The Dome
10. The Lotus Trick: Decoding Symbols and Finding Their Meaning
11. Blockity Block Block: What to Do When You're Stuck
12. Formulating Your Questions: This is Where Specificity Wins
13. Visualization: The Artist's Room
14. Your Next Steps

More student comments:

 "I have tried learning to meditate for a long time, and finally it's clicking for me." - Martin

"Best money I've ever spent. Stopped seeing my counselor. This is invaluable. If you are on the fence, TAKE THIS CLASS." -Brinnae

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