Reiki and crystal healing for the entire family. 

It's time to actually feel better. 

Whether it's a backache, a head cold, an ending relationship, infertility, or maybe just a hard day, your struggle doesn't have to run your life. 

You don't have to wait to feel better.
You don't have to feel out of balance all the time.
You don't even have to have exact knowledge of what's wrong...

... all you need?
Is to clear and clean the energy around you, so that you stay healthy, calm, and balanced. 

Through the use of Reiki and crystal therapy, clients have shifted emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental states. Vibrational therapy is very gentle, and can be done either in person or via distance. If done in person, the session will be on a massage table, fully clothed. A sheet will be placed over you if you're in a skirt or revealing/short clothing. 

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing technique, based on the principle of vibrational resonance.
Everything is made of vibrating matter, and this vibration, when disturbed/irregular/interfered with can create dis-ease. Reiki helps to realign the vibration in and around the physical body. Reiki therapy creates a harmonious energy, and helps the body, mind, and spirit unify toward wellness. This activates the natural healing processes innate in a client's body, which restore physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Reiki is not massage -- in fact, traditional Reiki practitioners do not have any physical contact with the client during a session. The hands of the practitioner are held inches away from the client's physical body, which remains fully clothed. (The practitioner is fully clothed as well.) 

Reiki can be an amazing complement to traditional medicinal therapy. Many clients use Reiki therapy to complement their existing care, whether through other holistic means, or through western medicine. It is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age, orientation, health, gender, life path, vocation, or spiritual background.


Therapy Sessions Via distance

No matter where you're located, distance healing offers you the chance to change your energy in a profound and powerful way! Because energy travels over distance instantly, therapy has the same effect whether or not you are local to Charissa.


We offer classes that will teach you how to use crystals at home to facilitate your own healing.  
Charissa will be offering Reiki training in late 2017 in the Phoenix area.