Curious about essential oils? Want to know more but not be pressured about them? Are they overwhelming? (There are SO MANY!) 

Here's a great place to start. 

This class is delivered in this public event, as numbered posts on the wall of the event. You can check back over two days for the info, if you can't make it on time. 

And the best part?

All the information is straightforward, backed by science, full of testimonials (cause they actually do work), and laid out in an easy to read format. I'll cover the top 11 oils, and ONLY those top 11. NO matter what you've got going on, (at least) one of these 11 will help. 

Bring yourselves, get a cup of tea -- or wine -- and follow along!

*This class is open to anyone on my team, or anyone not yet familiar with Young Living oils!*