Things look a little bit different around here don't they? 

I'm very excited to debut the new version of the Estes Energetics site. This has been a labor of love for the last season and I'm so elated to have it finally public. You have all been so sweet, filling my inbox up with such amazing encouragement and excitement at the new site!

What brought on the change?

As most things do, the decision/idea to refresh the site came to me in meditation. I saw the site changing and my focus toward coaching and sessions strengthening. I'm confident that there will be a massive shift in the way I live, breathe, eat, work, sleep, and more this coming fall/winter. Not only do we have the massive eclipses coming soon, but we are in a Mercury shadow, meaning it's not the astrological best move to launch a new site. (HA!)

Retrogrades are a chance to review, renew, and recheck things. For those of you who have worked with me through fertility issues in session, retrogrades are similar to your menstrual week, where you're able to look at things with a clarity you only get at that time. It's a great idea to get clear on what you desire during a retrograde. To take a deeper look at what you want, what's in front of you, and what you could tweak. (Save the action on those tweaks for a last quarter moon, though.) 

In May I started realizing things would shift. And today as I relaunch the Estes site, clean, clear, and brand new, I know that to be true now more than ever. The world is changing. Every day things are shifting, and we (as energetic beings) pick up on things first through our sensation, energy, intuition, and soul -- then through our bodies. 

Coaching, sessions, and alignment are yours. They're within reach. And by offering these options through Estes, I get to walk in my purpose, living well and loving well. 

You are important.
You are valuable.
Your energy deserves to shine.
Support is here if you desire it. 

all love,