Estes Energetics

You don't have to feel sick, sad, or stuck.
You don't even have to know exactly what's wrong.

All you need?
Is someone to help you get back into alignment.

Whether you're struggling with something physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, (or a combination of those), holistic therapy can help. Reiki, Crystal Therapy, sound healing, and essential oils are all effective on all levels of the body and spirit. These modalities all work together to help achieve tangible results, supporting the body and its systems, through vibration. 

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It's no accident that you are here.





Hello, soul seeker.
 I'm Charissa.

I launched Estes Energetics because I believe everyone deserves to feel balanced, aligned, and happy. 

Life's better that way.



Training and Experience

Training and Experience


About + Training

An eternal student on the path of life, my journey has brought me through lots of areas of study, including Ayurveda, Clinical Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Healing and more. I believe we are always learning, always expanding, and always creating our reality. I also believe it is no accident that you landed on my site!

In 2013, I became certified in Clinical Aromatherapy through the University of Minnesota. I received my CCH and CCT training (Certified Crystal Healer/Certified Crystal Therapist) in the spring of 2015, through the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. I received my Reiki I, II, III, and Master training and certifications in Phoenix in winter and spring 2017.

I have been able to see energy since I was a young girl, often being able to intuitively sense colors, shapes, information, and vibration, psychically. I use this sense in each session to guide me through holding space for you to heal.

When I'm not teaching or in session, I can be found exploring Arizona, doing yoga, or cooking vegan meals in my kitchen. I'm also currently studying for my Master Aromatherapist Certification.



Reiki, Sound Therapy, and Crystal Therapy are profoundly healing on the energetic systems of the body, including the mind, body, and spirit. 

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 20, I researched holistic modalities, Reiki energy, and the power of the mineral kingdom to help heal my own body, mind, and spirit. Today, I am cancer free. Through yoga, a vegan diet, and Reiki treatments, I'd found the bliss my body had been searching for.

I believe we are all capable of experiencing profound healing in our lives.

For the last 20+ years, I've worked closely with energetic dynamics and the way energy manifests in the body. Because of my lifelong passion for metaphysics, faith, and service to others, I made the decision to open this healing therapy practice, Estes Energetics in 2015. I have seen many, many adults, children, babies, and animals since, and am so grateful you are here!

PS - Estes is the name of my favorite town in Colorado, Estes Park, where the idea of this business was created. 





Client Reviews

Charissa is a powerful healer. After working with her, my life transformed. I manifested a new job, prosperity flowed in, my light shined, I was happy again.
— S. V.
I feel more connected and confident than I have in a long time.
— E. J.
Thank you so much! This is all wonderful!
— C. F.